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Logotipo Medicines for Malaria Venture

Medicines for Malaria Venture

Malaria Translational Unit

A collaboration agreement to facilitate the use of the TAD humanized mouse models of human malaria to evaluate new drugs in preclinical and clinical development supported by MMV. The agreement is place since January 2016 to date.

Logotipo Fundación Bill y Melinda Gates

The Bill and Melinda Gates

An industrial liver stage model in humanized mice for drug evaluation and human dose prediction

A project with the ultimate goal of developing humanized mouse models for the evaluation of new antimalarials against liver stages of P. vivax in vivo under industrial-quality standards and affordable price to service the malaria scientific community (Years 2017-2019).

Logotipos Eureka, CDTI, Tropiq y eurostars


TRANSMAL E!11500 (EuroStars/Interempresas)

A project of international collaboration with TropIQ Health Sciences (Nijmegen, The Netherlands) aiming at implementing a commercial, fee-for-service platform for cost-effective evaluation of the pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamics in vitro and in vivo of new drugs in drug discovery and development for P. falciparum transmission blocking and prophylaxis. (Years 2017-2020)

Logotipos Spri, Gobierno vasco y Fondo europeo

SPRI/Eusko Jaurlaritza


A project aiming at making accessible the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic analysis capabilities and procedures developed by TAD through on-line artificial intelligence (AI) platform for automated data analysis and efficacy prediction of new drugs in human clinical trials based on preclinical therapeutic efficacy data obtained in humanized mice. (Years 2019-2020).