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TAD offers

  1. Expertise in development of industrial-quality in vivo models of therapeutic efficacy in cancer, inflammation, and infectious diseases: Quality, Reproducibility, Robustness and Standardization.
  1. Cost-Effective-Evaluation for rapid decision making:
    Minimization of experimental cost through
  •             Innovative experimental design to minimize the numbers of mice per experiment,
  •             Rapid cycles of evaluation,
  •             Flexibility to modify ongoing protocols as necessary for optimal decision making,
  •             Access on line to your experimental results as they are being produced.


  1. State-of-the-Art Facilities designed ad hoc to protect immunodeficient mice at minimum cost and integrated LC/MS/MS capability for non-GLP measurement of drug concentration in tissues of experimental animals.
  1. Get Translational PK/PD Information to better interpret your data, support your decisions and design your clinical studies. We aim at speeding up drug discovery by answering the right questions with meaningful translational parameters.
  1. We do care about your projects quality delivery is our passion.

It’s easy completing your work with the right in vivo experiments…!!!